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Walk quickly, but don't make a miss-step - someone is watching, someone is following you!


City of Spies is an outdoor interactive game set in the heart of Edinburgh. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Spy? To complete a secret mission whilst being followed? Join City of Spies to experience the thrill of secret missions, walkie-talkie radios and vanishing into the winding streets of Edinburgh.

Working in 2 teams, players will get to be both a lone rogue agent and part of a tracking team armed with walkie-talkies. Your Game Host will lead a full game briefing, setting and timing each mission. This unique experience will take you deep into the City of Spies – don’t let your secrets fall into the wrong hands!

The game runs for approx 2 hours. Suitable for solo players, groups of friends and families – teams will be organised by City of Spies, families with under 16’s will be on the same team.

City of Spies has been held regularly in Edinburgh both for private clients and festivals such as the Hidden Door Festival and with a 'John Buchan flavour' in Peebles for the Creative Peebles Festival.

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