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Antares Lifts Off

Moments before launch the Antares rocket explodes... the hopes of humanity's first deep-space mission shattered.


Scrabbling to determine the cause or perhaps perpetrators of this tragic loss the Antares Corporation hastily gathers teams of experts to go over the reams of information -technical, personal, and forensic- to establish a cause of the explosion and to lay blame, before the media spins it all out of control.

Project Antares is a murder mystery event set in the not-too-distant future where participants in groups meet the key stakeholders of the story and question and discuss with them likely motives and alibis. They must interrogate not only the backup astronauts and engineers but also look at technical data and conditions on the launchpad to try and establish a series of events and get to the bottom of the mysterious explosion and death of the Antares crew.

Ideal for conferences and staff training, the participants will be guided by a mission control director and meet with actors who will move from table to table, group to group, and recount their personal experiences and answer questions. Participants take on the role of incident investigators and utilise play aids and their own cunning to determine the guilty parties -by establishing motives and means. This immersive event involves audio-visual presentations and soundscapes, costumed actors, and props to create a fun and energetic event. It can be ideally played over a 2-hour time slot, however, it can also be shortened or lengthened depending on the client's needs.

Coming Soon.... in 2023


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